How Does the Internet’s Dark World ‘Dark Web’ Work?

There is another world on the Internet, called the Dark Web. What is the Dark Web? And how does it work? A large number of people don’t know much about this.

What is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a sensitive topic that has never been featured in the media. Dark Web is a part of the World Wide Web that requires specialized software to access. Dark Web is a world of crime, where even law firms are not reached. Because there is a lot of money and money associated with this disgusting business of the Internet. The people also say that many of the world’s most powerful personalities are connected with Dar Web business.

 Videos of sex crimes with women, men and children are uploaded here, in addition to arms sales, the drug trade. It’s like a huge illegal market. Activities such as buying and selling exploitative videos are a guarantee of the existence of the Dark Web. Ordinary people can’t search for these hidden activities on Google. Only people who are part of the Internet crime world or are part of this community can access it. These websites are hidden behind firewalls.

Deep Web:

Dark Web is part of the Deep Web. Rape killers are also available on the Dark Web and gangs of killers for their psychological and psychological well-being. It is estimated that only sixteen percent of the general public’s access is to the Web site, while the rest is to the Dark Web. Even if you open the Dark Web site, you can’t figure out who is running it or what mafia is working behind it.

The Dark Web has made it very easy for drug users, even those who do not want to take the plunge to buy drugs publicly or through an agent or agent, who use the Dark Web to buy drugs. There are also a large number of young people and students using the web. Because the transaction is invisible and there is no fear of being caught.

BitCoin & Dark Web:

Kinderporno Fall Elysium Symbolbild (picture-alliance/dpa/A. Dedert)
Source: DW Urdu

Bitcoin is most commonly used in the Dark Web. The sale and sale of drugs, counterfeit passports, or pornographic material are through BitCoin. This is the fastest-growing category in the Internet world. Credit card information is hacked and sold at very cheap prices.

Who is Sohail Ayaz? A member of Dark Web:

Does Sohail Ayaz also belong to the Dark Web? Who is Sohail Ayaz? Where did he keep working? Who hired him, no one was willing to take this responsibility. This has now become an issue as Country Director of the World Bank in Pakistan, Mr. Allango Patchamoto said in one of his tweets that Sohail Ayaz has never been an employee of the World Bank. Instead, it was hired by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government as a consultant. But a few Pakistani journalists on Mr. Alango’s tweet raised the question that Sohail Ayaz’s name was found on the World Bank website, so you cannot be confused. Uploaded on media that have Sohail Ayaz’s name.

 Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari says Sohail was a consultant to World Bank and financial aid organizations are responsible for hiring such positions. However, institutions should include a clause in their rules to prohibit the employment of such persons.

Sohail Ayaz Activities in the UK:

There are reports of sexual abuse of children in Pakistan every day but this is the first case of its kind in which the accused is a high profile person. According to sources, Sohail Ayaz, who fled to Italy after alleged sexual exploitation of children, arrived in the UK, managed to get a job at Tosio de Children, but was eventually arrested and jailed for four years for sexually abusing children. And then Britain deported it.

Sohail Ayza in KPK as Govt Consultant:

However, he came to Pakistan and managed to get a job as a consultant in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and received a salary of three lakh. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sohail Ayaz contradicts who was hired. But the question is, even if it is known to whom he applied for the job or to get help, it is not necessary for those on the job to know what Sohail Ayaz’s past is. ۔ But the government cannot be excused because it is the responsibility of the government department to recruit the job candidates.

In this regard, CPO Rawalpindi Faisal Rana said that if Sohail Ayaz had been imprisoned in the UK, his name should have been on the radar of law enforcement agencies. He had already completed the sentence in the UK and once the sentence was completed, his government did not want the culprit. He further said that the UK was not provided any information about Pakistan or was asked to monitor it. Nor did it appear that it could do such a thing again.

FIR against Sohail Ayaz:

Sohail Ayaz’s name came to light in Pakistan when a woman filed a case against her for abducting her 13-year-old son and using drugs for four days. The FIR states that the offender threatened to intimidate the child that his recorded porn videos would be exposed if he opened the language or told anyone. After the investigation, CPO Rawalpindi revealed that Sohail Ayaz has confessed to abduction and abuse of more than thirty children. But also details about the network that produces or sells child sexual abuse movies on the Dark Web.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Secretary-General Haris Khaliq responded to the question, how can this evil be removed from society? Said, “This is a very healthy society. Political topics are more important here. With such a great apology, we will not stop at such events. Because the state and society are not serious in such matters ”.

The question is, why is the information of such criminals not shared between countries? Have human rights organizations ever paid attention to this? It is fair to say that the data of such criminals and convicted people should be shared between countries. They must become global data.

Experts warn that such people are very dangerous. They do their job very quietly and with whips. And don’t let anyone know. Sohail Ayaz’s case has exposed not one but the governments of the world.

Source: DW Urdu

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