Restaurants aren’t just our food eating premises for special occasions or when you crave something that can’t be found near you. We can all simply agree that restaurants are more than food eating premises. You at least once in your life have visited a restaurant that would be stuck up in your mind just because it was so amazing and definitely far more than it’s food.
Below we’ll discuss some of the strangest but the best restaurants around the world that deserve a visit:
1. Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives
The word Ithaa means “mother of pearls” and the restaurant doesn’t fail to prove it! This luxury is built 16 ft. below the sea level in the Maldives and features a wide view of fishes and other underwater species making your dining worth remembering.
2. Vertigo Restaurant and Moon Bar, Bangkok
You might have heard about the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok by now. This bar is on the top of the popular skyscraper hotel and you can see the whole city from the height after getting high.
3. Vista Restaurant, Cambodia
This restaurant is located near Koh Rong Archipelago in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. People can walk on a bridge on clear vast ocean water to reach this restaurant. It has amazing chefs who would make your stay worthwhile with their delicious food.
4. The Disaster Café, Lloret de Mar, Spain
No! Don’t take it the wrong way this restaurant isn’t a disaster. In this restaurant, you can experience earthquakes of 7.8 Richter scale even after being safe and sound, those earthquakes are the simulated ones for you to enjoy.
5. The Grotto, Thailand

This restaurant is based in a cave and also called by a second name “Cave Dining”. This pretty much gives you the idea of what it is. They treat their customers with utter respect. Rayavadee resort nearby (also pretty amazing) is always there to serve you after you’re done with the restaurant.
6. Bird’s Nest Restaurant, Thailand

This Thai restaurant is one of those restaurants that never fails to amaze you by its uniqueness. This restaurant is 16 ft. above ground and like the name suggests is hung on trees and looks like an actual nest. You’ll also love the view from the height and the way the waiters use the zip line for serving food is just amazing!
7. Huvafen Fushi, Maldives

If you can afford it, this is one of the restaurants that give you the best luxuries that no way anyone else would even imagine! Guests can either dine on the beach or in the huge wine cellar, there are 43 bungalows just for you to dine in privacy! This structure combined with the top gear facility easily makes make it worth a visit.
8. The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant, Philippines

This restaurant is situated near the end of a waterfall. People dine on bamboo tables in this restaurant with a cold breeze from the waterfalls working as a natural air conditioner.
9. The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar

This is situated near the Indian Ocean with crystal clear water and climate. This rock restaurant is like the name suggests, situated on a piece of rock right in the ocean making it an amazing spot to dine. And with the food this quality there’s no way you’ll go home not remembering this.
10. Ice Restaurant, United Arab Emirates

This is the dream restaurant of every Disney Frozen fan and by the grace of God, it’s true! This is definitely the coldest restaurant on the planet as well as everything here is made of ice. But fun fact, this is situated in UAE (hot) so, it will be even more amazing to be one second under the sun and next to all cold up in sweaters.
This was the list of restaurants that are pretty much must visit on your bucket list for the next holidays. Hope we helped you plan your next trip.

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