PUBG Season 7 Features and Release Date

PUBG Season 7 Features and Release Date

Tencent games will be started to roll out new PUBG season update on May 17. Mr. GhostGaming who has said that Tencent will be taking down its servers on May 16 and will be updating them with version 0.12.5 which will be bringing the Season 7 onboard the Battle Royale game. Players won’t be able to play the game on May 16 and after updating the servers the game will be live again on May 17. The registration of season 7 royal pass will be started on May 18.

Then season 7 has new skins, handheld weapons and other customizations for the players. The PUBG Mobile Season 7 Royale Pass will cost 600 UC  to players to upgrade to Elite, whereas, the Elite Plus upgrade cost will be 1,800 UC. All the Elite and Elite Plus upgrade players who hold these passes will get 100 PR points. The players who will upgrade they will also get access to an exclusive costume (Urban Scavenger costume or Assault Squad costume) after they have crossed the Royale Pass level 100.

The season 7 has a new weapon called Skorpion which we will get to see in the update 0.12.5. The season 7will also bring new avatar frames, avatar customizations, flight trail, and parachute trail rewards. Additionally,  the players will get to see new skins for AKM, Kar 98K, M4, UZI, level 1/level 3 helmets and level 1 backpack will be another addition in season 7 this time.

The season 7 will also bring a new mission system will be a new add-on from Tencent which will be called the Royale Pass EZ Mission License. The license will be made to only Royal Pass holders. the Elite and Elite Plus Royale Pass holders will get access to weekly challenges one week ahead of other players. There will also be free mission cards every week along with an option to skip the 10 missions requirement, something which is in place for week 8 for opening the elite chest.

So are you excited about the new update of PUBG Mobile as we please let us know in comments?

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