Why did I decide to cross Pakistan? Rosie Gabrielle’s Answer to Rumors

Rumor has it, I’m government funded, and my entire trip was facilitated by sponsors to promote tourism in Pakistan. The TRUTH; this was a personal project of mine, self-funded to promote PEACE and UNITY.
Two years ago I released my first vlog series on my YouTube channel. It was my experience crossing Oman solo by motorcycle. But more specifically, what it was like for a “vulnerable female” and my experiences with the local people- Muslim people. During that trip, there was a moment I was brought to tears. After I received help from two men, I had an Epiphany.

I felt I had lived my entire life for this moment. All the challenges and pain I had gone through, made me strong enough to conquer anything. How blessed was I to have the gift of being able to share these incredible, beautiful experiences with the world? How many hearts can I soften?

How many perceptions can I change? After receiving messages of thanks from Muslims all over the world for this positive portrayal, I got inspired! What if I can do this for an entire NATION of people! I sacrificed everything. My heart, soul, and remainder of my health went into this project. Because I believed in the people. I believed they deserved better.

This isn’t a Tourism campaign or to tell people to come to travel to Pakistan. It’s not easy to travel to this country and people cannot freely travel where I’ve gone. This is to show the real heart of the people and to abolish the negative mentality towards this Nation. Because I’ve sat with the people and heard the cries of their soul, and how it has personally and deeply affected them. How since day 1, Pakistan has been fighting for peace, freedom, and understanding.

We need to stop listening to the fear-mongering media. Stop pointing fingers, us vs. them, Me vs you. We are all in this life journey together. We need to come back to who we are. HUMAN. I traveled across Pakistan, to put the UNITY back into HUMANITY.
In a few weeks, I’ll be releasing my big video. Hoping, that it’s not only monumental for Pakistan but speaks to the hearts across all nations. And God willing, we can all learn to LOVE a little more and to live as ONE.

The above views about Pakistan are copied from Rosie Gabrielle’s Official Facebook Page.

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