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If you’re gaming lover and already playing PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile so here’s good news for you the popular game Call Of Duty is coming in mobiles as well for both Android & iOS. The beta version of the game is already in work and releasing soon according to official sources, and people can sign-up to be notified of when it goes live, too. (You can register yourself from Call Of Duty’s official website).

The company behind the game will apparently include all of the popular modes that made Call of Duty a massive hit on console and PC, including Team Deathmatch, Free-for-All and Search and Destroy.

All game modes will come to both iOS and Android, with the maps people loved from the original games also making an appearance. That means if you’ve wanted to play Nuketown or Hijacked on a mobile device, you’re going to be pretty pleased with what Activision has planned.

Apparently, the game has been in the works thanks to the folks at Tencent, and we can expect a beta version to arrive ahead of a public release once all of the kings have been ironed out. We don’t yet know the full roster of game modes that will be included, beyond what has been teased, but if anyone does want to make sure they’re the first to know what’s going on they can pre-register for Call of Duty: Mobile today over at

Unfortunately, you need to be in North or South America, Europe, or one of a collection of other regions to be able to sign up. You’ll then get information on the public beta that is expected to kick off this summer, too.

Here’s the trailer

Am very excited about that and waiting for releas are you? please let me know in comments!


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